Gary 's 1970 HemiCuda



Engine Hemi V-8
Displacement 426 cid
Horsepower 425 hp
Wheelbase 108"
Overall Length 186.7"
Weight 3395lbs
Base Price $3,164

19,515 Cuda's
652 Hemi's

In 1970, the 'Cuda received a new body replacing the former fastback Valiant body. Nine engine options were available - from the 255 cid Slant-six up to the 426 'Street Hemi' which cost $871.45 extra. 652 Hemi Cudas were built, with only 1,606 Hemi's being installed in any 1970 Chrysler product.

This car is recognized by Chrysler as being the very first Hemi Cuda that was sold - having the serial number 100003. Numbers 100001 and 100002 were built, but were disassembled and scrapped. This car was also disassembled as a part of the process of setting flat service rates, but was reassembled and sold.

This car has several unique features being a cross between its original Gran Coupe model and the eventual Hemi Cuda. It has a standard dash without a tach, no chrome hood pins, road lamp or the Cuda striping.

This is a two owner car and has 17,720 miles on it

Base Price


B41 Front Disc Brakes 27.90
B51 Power Brakes 42.95
D21 Manual Four Speed 194.85
E74 426 ci V-8 Engine 871.45
E W1 Alpine white exterior paint
M85 Front & rear bumper guards 14.05
PRX 9 Leather & vinyl bucket seats
R22 AM/with stereo 8 Track player 196.25
R31 Rear Speakers 14.05
V68 Sport Stripes Delete
Special Information: This Hemi Cuda is the very first production E-body 426 Hemi built on the assembly line at the Hamtramck, Michigan plant, and is believed to be the first production 1970 Plymouth Barracuda sold to the public. It's build date was August 1, 1969, and it's consecutive sequence number ends in 100003. It is very historically significant being the very first of only 652 built in the 1970 model year. Making the car even more rare is the fact that it is a 4-speed car and only 284 of those 652 were manually shifted Hemi Cudas. The rest being 727 Torqueflite automatics of which there were 368 built. This car is the total envy of any muscle car lover and the total epitome of what a muscle car is and should be. - Galen Govier
1970 Plymouth "Cuda 2 Door Hardtop

Job Number 5
V68 End
EW1 B41 B51 M85 R22 R31
EW1 PRX9 801 M02102
E74 D21 BS23 R0B 100003

The Fender Tag is read from the left to the
right, and from the bottom to top.
E74 Engine: 426 2-4bbl 425hp V8 hemi 'cuda
D21 Transmission: A833 4-speed Manual HURST-PISTOL GRIP
BS Car Line: Plymouth 'Cuda
23 Body Type: 2 Door Hardtop
R Engine: 426 2-4bbl 425hp V8 hemi 'cuda
O Model year: 1970 F-Series
B Plant: Hamtramck, MI
100003 Plant Assembly Sequential Number
EW1 Body Paint: Alpine White
P Trim Grade: Premium
R Front Seat: Leather & Vinyl
X9 Interior: Black
801 Scheduled Production Date: Friday August 01, 1969
M021202 Vehicle Order Number: Y16-Sales Bank
EW1 Roof Paint: Alpine White
B41 Front Disc Brakes
B51 Power Brakes
M85 Front & Rear Bumper Guards
R22 Radio: AM w/stereo 8 Track
R31 Rear Speaker
V68 Stripes: Delete Longitudinal Sport TAPE