1966 GT350 Specifications

1966 GT350 Specifications

The 1966 Shelby GT 350



Chassis Weights & Measures Clutch Brakes Transmission Differential Steering Performance Options
List Price in 1966


Type V-8,iron block, water cooled
Head Cast iron, removable
Valves Overhead, pushrod/rocker-actuated
Max BHP 306 @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque 329 lbs-ft @ 4,200 rpm
Bore 4.05"
Stroke 2.87"
Displacement 289cid, 4735cc
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Induction system Single Holley four-barrel, 715 cfm (Automatic cars had a 600 cfm Holley) Holley# R-3259
Exhaust system Standard, dual exhaust
Electrical system 12-volt distributor system
Fuel consumption 13-15 mpg
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Frame Unibody, welded
Body Steel & fiberglass
Front suspension Unequal arms, coil springs, adjustable tube arms, anti-sway bar
Rear suspension Live axle, mulitleaf springs, tube shocks
Tire type and size Goodyear Blue Streak E70-15 (7.75x15)
Wheel Size 5.5x15" (heavy duty station wagon steel rims) or 6x15" Crager Chromed rims. (The left over 1965 models came with either the silver-painted steel rims or Cragar mags. The standard wheel on the cars after 252 left over cars was a 14" Magnum 500 wheel. The Hertz cars came with a chrome version of the Magnum 500. Shelby aluminum 10-spoke wheels were optional.)
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Weights and Measures
Wheelbase 108"
Front track 56"
Rear track 56"
Overall height 51.2"
Overall width 68.2"
Overall length 181.6"
Ground clearance 6.5"
Crankcase 7.5 quart
Cooling system 20 quart
Gas tank 18 gallons
Curb weight 2,940 lbs.
Weight Distribution 53/47
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Type Single dry disc
Diameter 10.5"
Actuation Mechanical
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Type Four speed, full syncromesh Borg Warner T-10, C4 Automatic in GT 350H
First 2.36:1
Second 1.62:1
Third 1.20:1
Fourth 1.00:1
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Front 9.5" Kelsey-Hayes discs
Rear 10x2.5" drums (station wagon)
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Ratios 3.89:1
Drive axles - type Enclosed, semi-floating
Type Recirculating ball
Turns, lock to lock 3.5
Turning circle 37'
ratio 19:1
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0-30 mph 2.8 secs
0-40 mph 3.6 secs
0-50 mph 5.4 secs
0-60 mph 7.3 secs
0-70 mph 8.7 secs
0-80 mph 11.2 secs
0-100 19.0 secs
Quarter Mile 15.6 secs @ 94 mph
Top Speed 124 mph @ 7,000 rpm
3rd gear 107 mph @ 7,000 rpm
2nd gear 76 mph @ 7,000 rpm
1st gear 50 mph @ 7,000 rpm
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10 spoke Shelby aluminum wheels
Automatic Transmission
Rear Fold down seat
Detroit Locker Rear End
Paxton Supercharger
Front and Rear Grille Guards
Koni Shocks
Wood-Rimmed steering Wheel

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