1965 Mustang Interior & Exterior Colors

Early Exterior Paint Colors

Raven Black A
Pagoda Green B
Dynasty Green D
Guardsman Blue F
Caspian Blue H
Rangoon Red J
Poppy Red 3
Silversmoke Gray K
Wimbledon White M
Prairie Bronze P
Cascade Green S
Sunlight Yellow V
Vintage Burgundy X
Skylight Blue Y
Chantilly Beige Z
Twilight Turquoise 5
Phoenician Yellow 7

Later Paint Codes

Raven Black A
Midnight Turquoise B
Honey Gold C
Dynasty Green D
Caspian Blue H
Champagne Beige I
Rangoon red J
Poppy Red 3
Silversmoke Gray K
Wimbledon White M
Tropical Turquoise O
Prairie Bronze P
Ivy Green R
Sunlight Yellow V
Vintage Burgundy X
Silver Blue Y
Springtime Yellow 8

Early Interior Trim Codes

Parchment vinyl with blue 42
Parchment vinyl with red 45
Parchment vinyl with black 46
Parchment vinyl with Ivy Gold 48
White vinyl with Palomino 49
Black vinyl and cloth 56
Blue vinyl with blue 82
Red vinyl with red 85
Black vinyl with black 86
Palomino vinyl with Palomino 86

Later Interior Codes

Blue with blue 22
Dark red with red 25
Black with black 26
Aqua with agua 27
Ivy Gold with gold 28
Palomino with Palomino 29
Parchment with blue D2
Parchment with burgundy D3
Parchment with red D5
Parchment with black D6
Parchment with Agua D7
Parchment with Ivy Gold D8
Parchment with Palomino D9
Blue and white, luxury 62
Red, luxury 65
Black, luxury 66
Agua and white, luxury 67
Ivy Gold and white, luxury 68
Palomino, luxury 69
Parchment with blue, luxury F2
Parchment with burgundy, luxury F3
Parchment with Emberglo, luxury F4
Parchment with red, luxury F5
Parchment with black, luxury F6
Parchment with aqua, luxury F7
Parchment with Ivy Gold, luxury F8
Parchment with Palomino, luxury F9
Blue, bench 32
Red, bench 35
Black, bench 36
Palomino, bench 39
Black fabric & vinyl 76
Palomino fabric & vinyl Parchment 79
Parchment with blue, bench C2
Parchment with burgundy, bench C3
Parchment with Emberglo, bench C4
Parchment with black, bench C6
Parchment with Aqua, bench C7
Parchment with Ivy Gold, bench C8
Parchment with Palomino, bench C9
The Pony Interior was indicated with a B code in the body
code. Named for the embossed running pony on the seats.

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