1971 Boss 351


Rare, highly optioned and 1 of 7 made

All Boss 351s made in 1971 are quite unique Mustangs since they were 

limited production, truly high-performance editions of the 1971 

Mustang.  It is common knowledge that Boss 351s are a rare breed with 

only 1,806 production units made.  

My Boss 351 is quite a bit more unique than most Boss 351s.  

According to Kevin Marti of Marti Autoworks, it is actually 1 of 7 

Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971 with the following options (note: 

this statistic includes regular Sportsroof and Mach 1 Mustangs):

1)  Power windows

2)  Tilt steering wheel

3)  Rim blow deluxe steering wheel

4)  AM/FM stereo

5)  Console

6)  Fold-Down Rear Seat

7)  Mach 1 Interior

8)  Interior Convenience Group

9)  Deluxe Seat Belts and Warning Light

10)  Tinted Glass

11)  Rear-Window Electric Defroster

12)  Power Steering

13)  Rear Spoiler

14)  Magnum 500 wheels

15)  “No Charge” Special Paint (Believed to be Gold Glamour in lieu 

of Gold Metallic, which was the other “Special Paint” Color)

This may be the ONLY Boss 351 so equipped and it is probably the 

highest optioned Boss 351 ever manufactured by Ford.  An interesting 

fact is that the highest optioned Boss 351 listed on the Boss 351 

Registry website has only 14 options.  My car is both a luxury and 

high performance machine.  I plan to register it with the Boss 351 

Registry and hope that they can confirm it is the highest optioned 

Boss 351 known to exist.  It appears to have every option conceivable 

with the exception of intermittent windshield wipers.

Here are the statistics on my Boss 351 as reported by Marti Autoworks:

· 1 of 7 Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971 with the options 

listed above and “special paint” code

· 1 of 79 Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971 with the “special 

paint” code

· 1 of 220 Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971 with power windows

· 1 of 542 Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971 from DSO 33

· 1 of 1,806 Boss 351 Mustang Sportsroofs made in 1971

From Kevin Marti’s research, this Boss 351 was special ordered as 

a “marketing vehicle,” which explains why the car was equipped with 

almost every option and “special paint.”  My Lois Eminger factory 

invoice (which is two pages long) shows it was literally "driven 

away" at 3:08 pm on 21 Dec 1970 from the Dearborn Assembly Plant 

after being filled with 7 gallons of gas (which cost only $2.33!!!).  

The car was produced for the Detroit Ordering District (DSO) 33 under 

special order number 6306.  It was “sold to” the Ford Marketing 

Corporation Detroit District Sales Office for $3,592.09.  The factory 

sticker price was $5,198.00 (what a discount the District Sales 

Office received!).  This DSO and special order number 336306 is 

listed on:  the driver’s door tag; the Lois Eminger factory invoice; 

Marti Autoworks Certification; as well as on the Build Sheet that was 

found between the seat-foam cushion and springs in the front 

passenger seat.  

Upon the “drive away” from the Dearborn Plant, my Boss 351 was driven 

to North Brothers Ford in Westland, MI according to the “ship to” 

address on my invoice.  Perhaps it served there as an executive car 

for James E. North who owned the dealership at the time.  Today, as 

it was then, North Brothers is one of the largest Ford dealerships in 

the Detroit Area.  I have emailed North Brothers Ford in hopes that 

an “old timer” there may remember the car.

I have been trying to close the loop in two areas related to this 


· determining this car’s history from the time it left the 

Dearborn Plant until it reached the hands of the first private owner, 


· verifying that Gold Glamour is the original color.  

None of my paperwork/factory documentation mentions anything more 

than “special paint” and the driver’s door tag is blank under the 

paint code, which indicates a “special paint” code, so it has been 

practically impossible to verify which color the car should be.  It 

is a 50/50 chance of being Gold Glamour or Gold Metallic.  

I am hoping someone may be able to interpret my original buildsheet 

to determine the paint color but have not found an expert who can 

help me with that.  I've talked to the last two owners and the 

gentleman that restored the car in the ‘80s determined the original 

color by removing a paint chip from the unrestored original door by 

lifting up the door tag and removing the paint sample.  So the car 

was painted the original color but the name of the paint color is 

still unknown.  

I have emailed PPG and supplied them with my VIN and PTO # 33 6306 

from my original invoice.  This is the way the 1971 PPG color code 

chart indicates that the paint color would have been determined in 

1971.  It is a long shot attempt to verify what I suspect is the 

color…..Gold Glamour since the paint is definitely not metallic.  

One last note on my quest to determine the paint color….I have 

purchased several Ford Dealer Brochures from 1971 and not one, not 

even the 1971 Mustang Sales Brochure mentions paint choices or shows 

paint colors available for the Mustang.

I have just located who I believe is the original owner in 

Manchester, NH based on a name provided by the second owner who 

restored the car.  My Boss 351 seems to have been transferred from 

being owned by the Detroit District Sales Office tied to North 

Brothers Ford and was seemingly sold to Genest Ford in Manchester, 

NH.  Genest Ford is no longer in business.  I am hoping that this is 

indeed the first private owner and that he may be able to solve my 


If you should be able to help me solve my mystery regarding 

the “special paint,” please email me at oldgoat68@yahoo.com.  If you 

have a 1971 Mustang in either of the two “special paint” colors 

(either Gold Glamour or Gold Metallic) please email me a picture or 

two.  Additionally, if you know how to interpret the information on a 

Ford Buildsheet, feel free to contact me and I will share a copy of 

my buildsheet with you.

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