Gary & Sue Jungclaus Cover Story - February, 2001

In 1966 my Uncle Larry came home with a brand new 1966 Montero Red 
GTO. I really loved that car. I had an old 1959 Plymouth Fury and 
really felt proud when my Uncle would let me take his GTO for a drive. 
Since those days I really hadn't given much thought to the car until 
the letter arrived. The "Letter" was from my insurance agent who 
suggested that I take my dividends and invest them somewhere else as 
they were sitting idle. So being the responsible adult I began finding 
ways to invest this money that would bring back a good return. I had 
my wife Susan attend investing seminars and talking to financial 
advisors. She was coming up with some good plans. Then it happened I 
started talking to some guys at work who have classic cars. They were 
telling me about the shows they were going to and the fun they were 
having with their old cars. I started thinking about my Uncles GTO and 
how much fun it would be to have that car today.   One of the guys 
mentioned that he had a 1969 LeMans Convertible for sale. I went and 
looked at the LeMans and really liked it but it wasn't a GTO. My wife 
said that I should do what I want but said to make sure it's what I 
really want as I'd be disappointed if the perfect car came along and I 
had spent the money on something that would just be ok. I decided to 
wait. I now had the fever and had to find a GTO. I found one on the 
Internet and it was right here in MN. It was a very bad experience. 
The man had told us that the car was in mint condition and it was a 
fixer upper to put it politely. A week later I got a call from a guy I 
met at a car show telling me that he was going to sell his beautiful 
Starlight black 1967 GTO. I did not hesitate, as this was show ready 
and just what I wanted. It all really happened so fast that my wife 
thinks I had it all planned out. I was just in the right place at the 
right time and feel fortunate. My wife and I went joined the LOL GTO 
club and went to 16 shows and cruise nights last year. The car did 
very well at the shows. I learn something new at each show I go to. We 
have made a lot of new friends and really have a blast with the car. 
It provides a new type of entertainment. My wife and I found something 
that we both enjoy.