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The New 2005 Ford Mustang GT R
The muscular Ford Mustang GT-R rekindles the legend's road racing glory and the magic of 5.0-liter Mustangs in a stunning racing concept making its world debut today. The Mustang GT-R signals a potential future race car, while honoring four decades of performance glory just days before Mustang's 40 th anniversary. Read about this out of the dealership race car...
The 2007 Shelby Mustang GT500
The most powerful factory-built Ford Mustang in history will take to the street next year, following a unique collaboration between performance car legend Carroll Shelby and the Ford Special Vehicle Team (SVT).
Gary & Sue Jungclaus Cover Story
Then it happened I started talking to some guys at work who have classic cars. They were telling me about the shows they were going to and the fun they were having with their old cars.

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