How to find a Make or Model Car

This web site is set up by Car Make then Model then year. In
coming up with some intelligent method for finding the cars, we had to
make some decisions. So here is a list of some things we did that
affect how and where you find the cars:
     1. Not all cars are found here. Almost all the cars pics on this
     site are uploaded my their owner. If there happens to be a 66
Rambler it is because someone asked me to set up a section of that
car, and that person added the pics.
     2. To minimize the number of car icons on the main car page,
certain makes are found in a major car company. For example, in GM are
Pontiacs, Buicks, Cheverolet, etc. Behind the Ford icon you will find
Lincoln's and Mercury's. 
     3. Dealing with cars like the Shelby Mustang or Cobra raised an
interesting question. Small manufacturers were originally going to go
to Limited Production, then after setting up some of them, it was
realized that if you didn't look there you wouldn't find the cars,
like the Shelb y's. So the Limited Production cars are there and also
on the front page or another appropriate area such as Shelby Mustangs
are also found in the Ford Mustang section.

So if you are looking for or want to add a specifc make of car, think
about what other categories that particular car might be found in, it
may be there on this site.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to stay awhile and look around. Lots of
car pics, and some good car stories. If you want to add some pics and
get your own web page, those instructions are in the same area that
this article is, or send an email to