The Engine Compartment of the 1968 Shelby Cobra (Mustangs)

68 front end
The front end of the 1968 was totally different from the other years. The 67 had a different hood scoop and driving (fog) lights. Note the air outlets cut into the hood of the '68. see the hood page for more info. This is Dennis Begley's GT 350.

This '68 has a Ford 302 small block motor. The oval Cobra air cleaner is stock. The same air cleaner was used on the single carb motors and the dual carb ones. They also came with aluminum Cobra valve covers and intake manifold. Power steering was a mandatory option. This car has a 3 core radiator instead of the stock 2 core for better cooling. The motor in this car (Dennis Begley's) has a lot of non-stock parts including a different cam, heads and a larger Holley carb.

Here is another picture of a '68 302 small block motor owned by Mike Johnson. Click on this pic for a much larger image. You can see the Cobra valve covers, air cleaner and intake better in this picture.

The 302 was new to Ford in '68. The stock 4 barrell Ford 302 was rated at 230 horsepower. Shelby added the headers and aluminum intake and called it 250.

A supercharger was offered as an option on the '68 302. This bumped the horse power from 250 upwards of 350. Few were sold though. You could buy a GT 500 for not much more than what a GT 350 cost with a supercharger. Twice as many GT 500's were sold as GT 350's.


This image is of a '68 428 big block motor in Marc Ward's GT 500KR. This is the famous  a Cobra Jet motor. This motor was introduced mid-1968, the same time the 1968 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustangs were offered. Basically a '68 block with heads and parts from the 427 motor. The Cobra Jet Mustangs dominated the quarter mile race tracks. Ford rated this engine at 335 horsepower, probably closer to 400. This motor has the Monte Carlo bar to strengthen the front end and keep it from flexing. The GT 500KR's also came with Ram Air Induction that fit over top of the air cleaner and ducted air from the front hood scoop to the carb.

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