there are a thousand stories in the naked city, and this is just one

For those of you old enough to remember the lead-in lines from that old TV series "The Naked City", you are the generation who was present and witnessed the cutting edge of those great muscle car years. When you could throw a stick in either direction on a Friday night in Anytown U.S.A and hit at least ten driving down the main Blvd or at the local drive-in diners. I was 15 in 1967 and remember it all like it was yesterday. I had a friend a few years older then I who owned a 1965 GTO. The front was lowered, the rear was raked up so high you almost needed a step latter to get into the trunk. The motor ofcourse was all tricked out and he was running a 4 speed with a rearend geared so low he was lucky to get 6 mpg in normal driving. I considered myself very lucky when he would come to pick up my older brother and he would let me tag along to go see some of the action on those Friday nights so long ago. Ofcourse I was automatically designated to the back seat since I wasn't worthy at my age and lack of resources to sit up front. We would all pitch in for gas money, with me usally on a good night finding maybe 50 cent in my pockets. I remember the GTO's, the Mopars Hemi's, the Chevy 396's, the 327's, the 57 two door Chevys Belairs with the big American Mags, the BS sessions at the burger drive-in parking lots, with me shaking my head in agreement and saying Wow! when I thought it was appropriate. But in truth most of it was greek to me and I didn't usally have the foggiest (most of the time anyway) what they were talking about! Out of all the muscle cars I did see, there was one car I only saw once and that was from my school bus going home on one cold and rainy February afternoon. It was parked in front of a body shop and what caught my eye and set it apart is that it was black with gold strips, it had side body scoops and little quarter windows. My head almost went through the window trying to get a better look, I knew instantly what it was, a Shelby GT350, the car dreams are made of. And I said "Someday". I became so entralled with the Shelby cars, that I jumped on a Grayhound bus and traveled for a hour to get to San Francisco, then walked almost 20 blocks to S&C Ford just to see one up close. In the showroom was a Lime-green 1967 GT500, I figured I would try to look and act older so I could blend in and look like I could actually afford the car. I must of walked around that car 100 times, saying Wow! every time I hit the engine compartment(dead give- away that I couldn't afford it).....and I said "Someday". Well I got older, and Uncle Sams Army, college, marrage, kids,job, sending kids to college, house, food and nessesaties always seemed to get in the way of "Someday". But at the age of 46 "Someday" finally did arrive. I ended finding a project in progress, it was red 67 GT500 with a 427 side-oiler installed. 4 years, almost 2000 hrs of my labor later and $$$$$ left on the loan, the car is now done. Sometimes at night I sit in the gargage with the car uncovered, the lights turned down low and the oldies station tuned in and I when I hear the song "Get your motor runnin, head out for the highway" I think back and look at the car and say "Wow"! John Huculak