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Ford 351 Crate Motor

Slotted after market Disc

The Speed Bleeder

Firing Order for Ford non-351 V8

Firing Order for Ford 351 V8

Firing Order for Ford 6 Cylinder



The Speed Bleeder
The Ford 221-260-289-302
Windsor 351

The Ford 351 Cleveland Engine
The Ford 428 Engine
The Ford 429 Engine
How Ford rated their motors - 428 Cobra Jet
Restoration and Repair Section

Reference Material

The Ford 351 Cleveland & 400
Ford Mustang Distributor Chart 1965-71
Ford FE Intake Manifold ID & Applications
Ford FE Block Crankshafts
Ford Camshaft ID & Applications
428 Cobra Jet & Super Cobra Jet Motors
The Ford 428 Engine Specs
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351 Windsor & Cleveland Engine Specs
The Ford 289 Engine Specs
The Ford 260 Engine Specs